Jena Malone by Magdalena Wosinska

(Источник: mlikemarcel из блога birdwings)

“Tears - these are the words that wanted to, but could not tell a soul.”
“I love moments
when I really give a fuck.”
“once in a lifetime comes a point where you sit, you look at one point and you know - get in a jam.”
“as a rule, the most powerful - is quiet and calm people.”
“must be able to easily let go of people.
once you learn to do that, people will not let you go.”
“With every such was. Silently standing. Smile. And the pain inside breaks ribs.”
“С каждым такое было. Молча стoишь. Улыбаешься. А бoль изнутри ломает рёбра.”